7. Virtual Reality and Consumer Experience [ongoing]

We’re exploring how sampling via VR affects consumer behaviors.

6. Digital Displays of Luxury Products [ongoing]

The project explores the effect of interactive 3D product presentations on consumers.  






5. When and how virtual influencers are trusted [Published]

We explored how trust in virtual influencers (VI) is influenced by contextual factors. Particularly factors we examined were where the VI is and who the VI is with, which are often used as a context of influencers’ SNS postings.Results show that adding human (vs. virtual) factors to the context of the VI may dampen trust in it, affecting attitudes. Click HERE to access the article.

4. Defining Digital Fashion [Published]

We conceptualized and defined “digital fashion” and its components by conducting a systematic literature review. Click HERE to access the article.

3. Contextual Background of Online Shopping [Published]

In this study, we explored how the contextual cues in product presentation facilitate consumers to envision using the product. Click HERE to access the article.







2. Virtual Tour of a Retail Store  [Published]

This project shows how a virtual tour of a retail store affects consumers’ brand experience, and thus increases their intention to visit the physical store. Click HERE to access the article.

1. Virtual Experience via AR oN Shopping [Published]

This study investigates how a virtual try-on using AR facilitates shopping decisions by enhancing immersion and psychological ownership. Click HERE to access the article.